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Benchmarking report

Benchmarking report

One of the key elements in our lobbying successes in recent years has been the quality of our evidence base. A critical part of this is our annual benchmarking report, in partnership with Christie & Co, which we are today re-launching for 2023.

The survey results contribute to our work with:

  • Low Pay Commission on national minimum wage rates
  • property assessors who determine the rateable value and therefore your business rates bill
  • central Government on the level of business support we are able to access at Budget
  • the RICS on rental negotiations; making the case for action on energy costs

and much more.

Participating in the survey has numerous benefits. You will:

  1. 1

    Receive a free copy of the full report and annexes giving the most accurate and reliable data on trading in the hospitality market.

  2. 2

    Be able to assess your own cost structure against industry averages by sub-sector.

  3. 3

    Contribute towards providing the evidence base for influencing Government – on energy, National Living Wage and other key campaigns.

  4. 4

    Be invited to the launch of the report.

We appreciate that the benchmarking template will take longer than a standard survey to complete and will need input from finance teams. However, I would reiterate how valuable this data is for our ongoing advocacy to get the best outcome. We have also been told by members that the survey results are invaluable to their financial planning and supplier negotiations.

Benchmarking survey

If you could complete the questionnaire by Friday 15th September and return it to Lily at [email protected], we would be very grateful. All data collected will be treated in the strictest confidence under the UKH data protection protocols. Only aggregated data will be shared outside of UKH and published. If you have any concerns about data security please do get in touch and we can find a solution.

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