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Tap into the steps to save water – and include employees and guests – to cut running costs and energy

Carl Lane, an Account Manager at Water Plus, who works closely with a range of business sizes and types, including in the hospitality sector, shares essential steps to take.

Did you know that a tap can use 6 litres of water a minute, on average?

It can be much higher than this at hospitality sites and, at 6 litres a minute, it means 30 litres of water would be used in just 5 minutes – or 120 cups of coffee, with each holding 250ml.

One hospitality business, working with Water Plus, saw a whopping 64% saving on water use on their taps, with just small actions that don’t cost the earth!

Engage extra eyes and ears – and gain more savings results and ideas

From using running water for other tasks, while waiting for it to heat up at hospitality sites, including at restaurants and pubs, there are a host of small actions that can deliver savings – and help prevent water supply interruptions for your business.

And these savings also help reduce carbon emissions, making a positive impact on the environment – while helping progress towards Net Zero goals for the hospitality and food and drink sectors.

Carl suggests tapping into the collective knowledge of your staff. They can provide valuable insights into areas where water use can be reduced and identify potential sources of waste. Engaging your team in these conversations helps make sure everyone is on the same page and committed to water-saving practices.

Plus, it’s crucial to communicate with everyone who visits and works at your site about the best ways to conserve water – as many hotels and businesses do.

And don’t forget to highlight the water-saving measures you’re already taking. Sharing your efforts can encourage others to follow suit and contribute to the cause. By working together and staying mindful, you can make a big impact—not just during the busy summer months, but all year round.

You can get a sustainability score covering water, energy and carbon savings through Zellar’s sustainability platform – in just a few clicks and adding some numbers on your use. Customers with Water Plus also get a discount for the platform – more details here.

Water waste can be a weekly factor for hospitality sites, including those that serve food – though little actions can quickly add up to reduced operating costs.

Regular water checks can be quick and are worth the time

Carry out regular checks to spot dripping taps and other things that need attention, to prevent future issues and further costs. Even a dripping tap can cause water to stop flowing at a business, so taking action early is key.

Taking a closer look at how much water you use, during the year, and noting meter reads regularly, ideally at least once a month – if the meter is safe to access – can help you spot any issues early.

Meter readings can be submitted online – at a time that suits your business on MyAccount, for Water Plus customers.

Seek-out the savings for summer and beyond

Swapping lever taps for sensor, or push taps – and having tap aerators in place, can all make a significant difference to the amount of water being used – and can reduce energy costs, where less hot water’s needed.

Saving water earlier in the year and stopping any leaks, or dripping taps – at hospitality sites – keeps running costs down and can also help water supplies when it gets to the summer months too, keeping water flowing for everyone and reducing any hot weather impacts on businesses.

There are carbon emissions linked to all water used at businesses, so reducing water used, cuts carbon too.

After an initial water audit at a restaurant and cocktail bar Darwin and Bear, in 2024, which also saw a report provided through Water Plus on areas water savings could be made, extra efficiency devices were installed.

The kit included two water efficient taps – seven tap efficiency fittings which would cut water use from an average 10.7 litres a minute to an average 3.8 litres a minute (a 64.4% saving), the water audit -before kit was installed found – and five flush-savers, which save around 1 litre of water each use.

A 34% water saving is expected from the devices, on average daily use at the business, with a visit to the business finding 153,000 litres of water could be saved over 12 months from adding extra, low-cost, water-saving devices. That’s equal to 1,912 bath tubs, each filled with 80 litres of water – or 612,000 cuppas, with each holding 250ml.

How Water Plus can help

From getting a great deal on your business water, expert advice to improve water and effluent efficiencies and extra water tracking options – to boosting water-saving through taps and other actions to take at sites, our team can take you – and your business forward to a water efficient future.

And Water Plus is a multi-award winner for its work – including being the only water retailer to have won a UK Customer Satisfaction Award, in 2023, two Global Golds for Water Management in the Green World Environment Awards 2024 and in 2023, along with nine Green Apple Environment Awards.

To partner with Water Plus, head here – or, you can email [email protected].

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