The Home Office recently announced Martyn’s Law, previously known as Protect Duty, which aims to scale up preparedness for, and protection from, terrorist attacks.

The new duty will require venues to take steps to improve public safety, dependent on the size of the venue and the activity taking place.

The threat picture is complex and ever evolving. Martyn’s Law will ensure that security preparedness is delivered consistently across the UK, meaning better protection of the public. The plans have been developed following public consultation and extensive engagement across industry, charities, local authorities, security experts and with survivors. 70% of the thousands who responded to the consultation agreed that those responsible for publicly accessible locations should take measures to protect the public from potential attacks.

What Kate says

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Protecting customers and staff is a number one priority for venues, who want to ensure that the great experiences hospitality offers also come with the best possible safety and security for all.

UKHospitality has been engaging with Government over the past year to ensure that the aims of Martyn’s Law can be achieved in a way that is proportionate and practical for venues, and we’ll continue to do that throughout the legislative process. UKHospitality will continue working with members on comprehensive guidance on compliance and implementation.”