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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) group

The EDI group is keen to welcome new members no matter their level of experience on EDI.

Join us on this transformative journey as we work collectively to embed equity, diversity, and inclusion into the very fabric of our industry.

Members of the EDI group.

Find our Diversity & Inclusion National Holidays Calendar 2024 here.

Equality Act 2010

Find ACAS’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy template here

Find The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s policy guidance on equal pay here

Find ACAS’s Code of Practice on requests for flexible working here

Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) group has been established with the paramount commitment to fostering environments that are inclusive and open for both our workforce and customers.

The group is driven by the overarching ambition to guide the hospitality sector towards becoming the most inclusive industry.

This commitment is anchored in our guiding principles, which include creating diverse leadership through clear development opportunities, making accessibility adaptations to buildings within the next 5 years, providing comprehensive support within the workplace, promoting awareness and education on EDI, and utilising the EDI group to offer best practice guidelines.

A dedicated working group has been comprised of businesses from across the sector, with specific focus leads on protected characteristics.


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    Sex and Gender

    Inclusion In article on Imposter Syndrome

    Help to Grow resource hub on Menopause in the Workplace

    Menopause in the Workplace podcast by WiHTL

    Gender decoder  – used to scan job ads for gendered language

    Gender Pay Gap Calculator

    Working Forward – guide for Line Managers on how to have maternity leave conservations with employees

    Maiden Voyage advice for lone female travellers

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    UKHospitality guide to recruiting over 50s

    ACAS guide for employers and employees on age discrimination in the workplace

    EHRC guide on age discrimination

  3. 3

    Race and ethnicity

    ACAS guidance on race discrimination

    CIPD factsheet on race and employment

    Race at Work Charter

  4. 4

    Neurodiversity and disability inclusion

    Visit England Toolkit on Accessible and Inclusive tourism for businesses

    Citizens Advice guidance on making reasonable adjustments for disabled people

    EHRC on disability discrimination

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    Socio-economic inclusion

  6. 6


    WIHTL – 5 ways to create trans inclusive work environments

    WIHTL – Supporting LGBTQIA Women – thinking beyond pride

    Pint of Perspective, Episode 5 with Alice, co-chairperson of Village Greene—the employee led inclusion group (ELIG) that supports the LGBTQ+ people at Greene King.

    EHRC guide on sexual orientation discrimination

    CIPD factsheet on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender reassignment and employment

    LGBTQ+ Glossary

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