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Simpler Recycling

Simpler Recycling will reform England’s recycling system, ensuring the same set of materials are recycled, regardless of your location.


Glass, metal, plastic, paper and card are among the materials that must be collected in dry recyclable streams.

Crucially, the Government will proceed with an exemption to permit the co-collection of dry recyclables, allowing them to be collected in one recycling bin. Food and garden waste will also be permitted to be co-collected.

In practice, this means that there will always be a minimum of 3 bins – dry recycling, organic waste, and residual (non-recyclable) waste.


By 31st March 2025, Simpler Recycling will require the collection of the same materials from all non-household municipal premises (such as hospitality businesses).

Micro firms (businesses with fewer than 10 full-time employees) will be required to collect these materials by 31st March 2027.