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Abolish, not extend, the late night levy

UKHospitality has tabled its significant opposition to any extension to the late night levy and reiterated the need to abolish the outdated levy.

In its response to a Home Office consultation on extending the levy to apply to late night refreshment providers, we highlighted that the entire consultation is based on an impact assessment and proposals from 2016, which is now considerably out of date given the significant changes to the late night economy in that time.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The suggestion to extend the late night levy is frankly absurd. The entire notion of the levy has already been discredited by a House of Lords committee, who described it as unsuccessful, and it continues to take away hard-earned money from strapped venues.

“Given the proposals to extend the levy were made seven years ago and since then we have had a global pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis and record inflation, there should be no serious consideration given to an extension.

“In areas where the Levy is in place, it takes thousands of pounds out of the pockets of hospitality businesses, and that is money that could have been used to reinvest, open new ventures or hire more staff. If the Government wants to demonstrate it’s on the side of business and economic growth, it should choose not to extend the levy and abolish it instead.”