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Hospitality & Tourism Skills Board

The Hospitality and Tourism Skills Board (HTSB) was initially established as part of the Hospitality strategy, released in 2021, and sits under both the Hospitality Sector Council and Tourism Industry Council.

Membership of the Board is drawn from senior operators and business leaders from across all the sub-sectors covered by hospitality, tourism and travel, and including SMEs.

Membership also includes the trade associations and other leading bodies within the sector.

The Hospitality and Tourism Skills Board has developed various papers with the aim of delivering the sector-wide activity required to transform productivity and deliver the skilled workforce required for sustainable growth in hospitality and tourism across the UK.

Over 50s recruitment guide

As part of the UKHospitality Workforce Strategy launched in the summer of 2022, UKHospitality has been focusing its efforts to ensure that hospitality businesses are able to tap into the hard to reach groups of society, expanding the pool of labour supply.

Following our involvement in the Ministerial Task & Finish Group for older workers, a guide has been developed to support businesses in employing the 50+ workforce.

Hard to reach groups

More information on how to get involved with the noted organisations can be found on this document (Linking Prison Leavers with the Hospitality Sector 2023 Report), developed by the HTSB.

Over the past few years, the hospitality sector has ramped up it work to support hard to reach groups, such as, prison leavers, ex-military, and homeless individuals to finding long term employment in the sector. Organisations such as Only A Pavement Away, and The Clink were specifically set up for this purpose.

More recently, the sector has collaborated with government colleagues on the ‘Unlocking Hospitality Campaign’ launched in October 2022.

Wellbeing Promise

The Promise is free to sign-up to and will be launched in January.

Link to the promise

The Hospitality Wellbeing and Development Promise sets out the key recommended steps for all employers in the sector to follow to help support employee wellbeing, focused on promoting employee development, mental health and wellbeing, and fair compensation.

It provides guidance for employers on key areas such as tipping, flexible work, diversity and inclusion, and in-work progression, and is designed to galvanise action within the sector to achieve higher standards of employee wellbeing throughout the industry, helping to attract new applicants to the sector and improve retention.

Hospitality Mentoring Programme

Recognising the need for greater development and mentoring schemes within the sector, the Board has developed a document which sets out the benefits of mentoring, how it differs to coaching, the courses and steps to developing a mentoring or coaching scheme, and recommended steps.