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Energy suppliers

Fighting for a well-functioning energy market

It’s clear across hospitality that energy suppliers are treating the sector unfairly; ramping up prices, demanding unnecessary deposits and, in some cases, refusing to supply businesses.

Improving the situation facing our members in the energy market is one of our top priorities and we’re pressing the Government and Ofgem at every opportunity to intervene and provide support for businesses.

Time to act – support our #FiveAsksForOfgem

Soaring energy costs have been the single most destructive inflationary pressure facing hospitality businesses. We’ve been leading the charge on this issue for more than a year, representing your views and delivering numerous initiatives that have helped mitigate these issues.

Ofgem now needs to hear from you about why implementing these changes quickly are so important, delivering for your business in both the short- and long-term. We are asking all members to respond to the consultation, supporting our key asks.

Time to act – support our #FiveAsksForOfgem

Calling for urgent intervention into the energy market

With unfair practices and poor behaviour from some energy suppliers rife across hospitality, we're continuing to raise the need for energy regulator Ofgem or the Government to intervene in the non-domestic energy market.

We wrote to Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps urging him to ensure energy suppliers renegotiate the highest cost contracts and resetting security deposits to reflect falling prices.

Act now or extend energy support – UKHospitality calls for urgent OFGEM intervention

Rallying politicians to keep up the pressure

We're continuing to meet with MPs to urge them to keep up the pressure on the Government on this issue.

Most recently, our Chief Executive Kate Nicholls met with Conservative MPs, organised by Robin Millar MP. This led to a campaign from Mr Miller, calling for common sense energy contracts for businesses.

Campaign for common sense energy contracts for business