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Delay to tipping implementation an ‘appropriate step’

The implementation of new tipping laws has been pushed back three months to 1 October, which will give businesses time to implement required changes.

Our response

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality, said: “Hospitality is a people business and it’s so important that we reward our staff through a fair and transparent tipping system.

“We’ve been pleased to support this legislation through its journey and it’s good to see that the Government has worked with UKHospitality to deliver guidance and a code of practice that can work for business. With the variety of businesses in hospitality, anything too prescriptive would not have been practical.

“Delaying the implementation for a further three months is an appropriate step. The revised timeframe will now allow businesses to implement any changes required and is evidence of Government acting on feedback from UKHospitality.

“It is disappointing, however, that the Government has not provided greater clarification of agency workers and the payment of tips, which is a particular sticking point for businesses.

“Given the desire from all parties involved to get this legislation right, we would urge Government to work with UKHospitality on providing greater clarity on this issue before the legislation comes into force in the Autumn.”

Watch back our webinar on the publish tipping code of practice

The Department for Business & Trade have published the updated Code of Practice on tipping, to set out the final guidance on how tips can be distributed when the new law comes into place from 1st October.

To assist members in their preparation for the new law we held an expert webinar on Wednesday 24th April.

The webinar covered the legislation that determines what must be done with customer contributions and the requirements on your business, and looked at the Code of Practice and the rules that govern how tips are distributed.

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