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Flexible approach will best deliver aims of Martyn’s Law

The consultation will allow hospitality venues to put in place bespoke measures that are most suitable for their premises.

It sets out that ‘standard tier’ premises with a maximum capacity of 100 to 799 people will be required to have ‘procedural measures that could be expected to reduce the risk of physical harm in the event of a future attack’.

UKHospitality, throughout years of engagement with the Home Office, has advocated this type of flexible approach as a way to protect customers and staff, as well as avoiding disproportionate requirements on businesses. These concerns were echoed by a Home Affairs Committee report last year.

Our response

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality, said: “We have long been calling for Martyn’s Law to provide a flexible approach that enables venues to introduce safety measures that are bespoke and suitable for their premises.

“I’m very pleased that the Home Office has listened to UKHospitality’s representations on this issue and is moving forward with this approach.

“Protecting our customers and staff alike is a priority for venues, who want to ensure that the great experiences hospitality offers also comes with the best possible safety and security for all.

“We’ve been engaging with the Home Office throughout the process to achieve the aims of Martyn’s Law in a way that is both proportionate and practical for venues, while getting the balance right between practicality and safety.

“This is also true for the higher tier, for venues with a maximum capacity over 800 people, with which we will be working to ensure it is also proportionate for businesses.

“As guidance for businesses is developed, we will continue to work with the Home Office to ensure it supports venues and keeps customers safe.”