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Reducing food waste

Reducing the amount of waste your business produces has never been more important. If we are to reach net zero by 2040, making tangible reductions to your waste is going to be paramount and we’re here to help you on the journey.

What are our commitments?

As a sector, we have committed to reaching carbon net zero by 2040, 10 years ahead of Government targets.

We’re also a signatory to the Courtauld Commitment 2030, which is a voluntary agreement that enables collaborative action across the entire food chain to deliver reductions in food waste. We encourage members to follow suit by signing up here.

It is seeking to deliver a 50% per capita reduction in food waste by 2030, compared to the UK 2007 baseline.

How do I start to cut food waste?

As a starting point to making progress in reducing food waste, businesses should:

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    Set a food waste reduction target for your business.

  2. 2


    Measure your food waste in a consistent way and share what you’ve learnt.

  3. 3


    Work in partnership with suppliers and help the public reduce their food waste.

Specific actions businesses can take to target, measure and act are outlined in WRAP’s Food Waste Measurement Roadmap Toolkit, which you can access here.

Get started with a 15-minute course

We strongly encourage businesses to complete food waste charity WRAP’s Cost Saving Skills Course, which is a free online course to gain the tools, knowledge and skills you need to take a stand against wasted food. It only takes 15 minutes and can be a powerful tool on your food waste journey.

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What are the benefits?

Find out what worked for the hospitality businesses that have made significant strides in reducing food waste.

The Restaurant Group

IHG – The Kimpton Clocktower


As well as the significant environmental benefits associated with reducing food waste there are also significant financial savings to be made.

WRAP’s Guardians of Grub campaign states that wasted food is costing our sector £3.2 billion a year, and 75% of the wasted food could have been eaten.

To see how much money you could save, find out through the Guardians of Grub calculator here.

Check out our Environmental Sustainability Guide for more tips to help you cut food waste

We understand that everyone is at different stages in their net zero journey. That’s why we’ve launched our Environmental Sustainability Guide for SMEs in the sector. The guide covers packaging, sourcing local food and engaging with suppliers.

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