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Hospitality businesses urged to respond to Visitor Levy consultation

As the Scottish Parliament’s consultation on the proposed visitor levy opens, venues are encouraged to respond and outline the impact it will have on their business.

UKHospitality Scotland Executive Director Leon Thompson said: “The introduction of the visitor levy represents yet more red-tape being forced upon hospitality, at a time when businesses are under pressure across the board from increasing regulation and rising costs.

“I would urge businesses to take the time to respond to the Scottish Parliament’s consultation and outline the impact this will have on their businesses and the local tourism economy.

It’s critical that hospitality’s voice is heard and that politicians understand just how detrimental this levy could be to Scotland’s reputation as a tourist destination.

“UKHospitality Scotland will be robustly representing the views of the sector in its response; pointing out the consequences of its introduction on businesses, consumers and Scotland’s global competitiveness.

“We’ll also be stressing the need for ringfencing of funds to be spent on hospitality and tourism, if the levy is introduced as the Scottish Government proposes. If that is the unfortunate outcome of this consultation, those funds must be spent effectively to protect and enhance Scotland’s reputation on the world stage.”