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Webinar on credit card fees with Harcus Parker

In this essential webinar, you will learn about this case, and how easy it is for you to join.

The case against MasterCard and Visa | Harcus Parker (

All hospitality businesses need to accept payment by credit or debit card, but do the monthly card charges have to be so high?

Hidden within the monthly charges – and making up by far the largest portion of them – are “interchange fees” that Mastercard and Visa cause all businesses to incur.

Particularly egregious levels of fees are levied when you accept a commercial card, such as a company card. These fees significantly affect your profits and – over the years – add up to a major cost, just when so many businesses are so vulnerable.

Some hospitality businesses have gone to court to claim these commercial card fees back. Most have not, and until now there has not been a simple, comprehensive route to doing so, that is also cost-free for the businesses, risk-free and very low hassle.

Now there is.

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