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Maximise recruitment efforts for quantity and quality candidates

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The number of vacancies in hospitality are at an all-time high and the industry is struggling to keep up with demand.

And with a third of UK hospitality businesses operating below full capacity due to staffing shortages, it has become imperative for businesses to take proactive measures to address the ongoing labour crisis.

Our latest audit, which analyses the talent attraction and candidate experience set up of 40 enterprise organisations in the hospitality industry, uncovers trends across the industry and identifies tangible opportunities for how companies can get ahead – and stay there. 

Tap into diverse talent pools

On average, only 18% of hospitality organisations advertise jobs on social media channels

TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms for building a compelling brand identity and attracting diverse talent, especially among passive job seekers.

Sponsored job posts on Google offer a cost-effective way to increase visibility, relevance and quality of job postings while reaching preferred audiences and reducing wasted spend.

Did you know?

63% of Gen Z have discovered job opportunities via social media.

Promote workforce diversity by using these platforms to raise awareness of job opportunities amongst Gen Z, one of the most ethnically diverse populations (estimated to be 40% non-white by 2061)

Make your website accessible to all candidates

Neurodivergent individuals make up 15% of the UK population.

but just 3% of organisations have an accessibility widget on their careers site.

Adding an ‘Accessibility Widget’ creates a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for visitors with disabilities and learning difficulties, and ensures accessibility for all potential candidates.

Increase interactivity on your careers site

15% include interactive career page elements, e.g. chatbot or games

Introducing a UI chatbot with an interactive map search boosts application conversion rates by engaging candidates and offering a personalised candidate experience.

Only 23% have an interactive map search feature

Giving candidates the option to explore roles near their home location and check their journey for suitability using an ‘Interactive Job View Map’.

With features like ‘Hybrid Search,’ candidates can search and scroll in sync, while displaying ‘Recent Searches’ provides a unique and user-friendly candidate search experience.

Enhance the application process to maximise conversion rates

73% require a CV in order to apply

Removing the compulsory requirement for a CV and providing candidates with the ability to apply for a job in 3 clicks of less increases candidate conversion.

30% vary the application journey for different roles

Dynamic journeys for different roles and job categories delivered through a conversational (chatbot) application flow allows candidates to apply through a modern simple and intuitive interface.

And you’ll only receive applications from candidates with the right skills with targeted friction in the application journey to filter out irrelevant candidates.

Did you know?

50% of all UK professionals have declined a job offer because the hiring process was too long [HR Magazine]

60%of job applicants lose interest if the hiring process is too complicated [CXO Today]

63%of candidates want to spend less than 20 minutes on an online application [The Global Recruiter]

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