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Scottish Labour’s plan for economic growth – our response

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has included ‘Brand Scotland’ as one of his three key priority areas for economic growth. The plan intends to look at how to capitalise on ‘Scotland’s unique identity as a global USP to promote Scottish exports and attract tourism and investment’.

The other two areas focus on financial services and technology and the green revolution.

Responding to the publication of the plan, our Executive Director Leon Thompson said: “Hospitality and tourism is one of the central pillars of the Scottish brand, attracting millions of visitors from across the UK and the world, and I’m pleased that Anas Sarwar has made Brand Scotland one of Labour’s key economic priorities.

“Engaging with the business community is essential for any political party to get a true sense of what challenges businesses are facing and what would make a difference to allow them to grow and invest.

“Scottish hospitality and tourism have one of the biggest growth potentials of any sector in the economy and with the right strategy to harness that potential, it can drive significant economic growth and create thousands more jobs.”