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UKHospitality responds to Northern Ireland protocol deal

The European commission and the UK Government have come to an agreement on the Windsor Framework which addresses some of the challenges that face Northern Ireland. The new framework has made new arrangements on customs, medicines, exise, agri-food while also looking at new ways to ensure that Northern Ireland citizens are better represented on issues relevant to them.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said:

“The initial details of the new deal for trading in Northern Ireland are encouraging and appear to address the key concerns of hospitality businesses.

“The breakthroughs on easing trade flows, VAT, excise duty and state aid would seem to resolve many of the major sticking points raised by UKHospitality. The people and businesses of Northern Ireland should see the benefit in this as soon as this summer through the planned cut to alcohol duty in August, which previously would not have been the case.

“It will also enable them to benefit from any future cut to VAT, which we have consistently urged the UK Government to implement for hospitality.

“We will continue to work with our partner organisation, Hospitality Ulster, to review the finer detail, which we hope will deliver stability, certainty and growth for venues across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”