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UKHospitality Scotland responds to new flexible planning rules

Lily Turvey

The Scottish Government has today announced that hospitality businesses will be able to place tables and chairs outside their premises without a planning application. They have also backed the relaxation of planning rules for conversions of certain premises into some hospitality venues.


Responding to this announcement, UKHospitality Executive Director Leon Thompson said:

“This news will be a significant boost for Scottish hospitality businesses who are keen to offer customers the best experience possible but have often been held back by restrictive planning regulations.

“I’m delighted that the Scottish Government has agreed with UKHospitality Scotland that moving ahead with these measures will aid the sector’s recovery and also contribute to thriving town and city centres.

“With businesses being asked to jump through more and more regulatory hoops, this is a perfect example of the Scottish Government listening to businesses and making their lives easier.

“This move also shows our shared agenda with the Scottish Government. Hospitality businesses are key to revitalising city centres and communities around the country by attracting customers and creating good jobs.”