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Cross-Party Group on Beer and Pubs

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Cross-party group's purpose: to celebrate, recognise and enhance the contribution the brewing and pub-related hospitality industry plays in Scotland.

UKHospitality Scotland is an active member of the Cross Party Group, supporting its work at the Scottish Parliament, and promoting the interests of our beer and pub members.

What does “Brand Scotland” mean for the Scottish Beer and Pub Sector?

From time to time the CPG runs inquiries and, the latest, focuses on Brand Scotland and what it means for the Scottish beer and pub sector.

Chiming with the current broader discussion on the role of hospitality and tourism in promoting the country, this inquiry will look at Brand Scotland in the context of Scottish brewing and pub businesses. The focus will be on opportunities for growth and the barriers to the sector reaching its full potential. The inquiry is also interested in how these barriers might be overcome.

You can read the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry here. Submissions are welcomed from individuals or organisations with an interest in seeing Scotland’s beer and pubs sector flourish