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Scottish Government confirms plans for disposable cup charge

The Scottish Government has published its 'Circular Economy and Waste Route Map to 2030'

The report outlines a number of commitments and plans in this waste and sustainability arena.

'Latte levy'

One of the policies most relevant to hospitality is the commitment to introduce a charge for single-use disposable cups by 2025.

While this policy has been previously discussed, the Scottish Government has not outlined what the charge would be or what the funds raised would be used for.

Our response

Leon Thompson, Executive Director of UKHospitality Scotland, said: “The prospect of a latte levy, while well intentioned, could have adverse effects deterring customers from using coffee shops and other food-to-go businesses, who need their custom more than ever.

“It’s particularly frustrating that there is no detail offered by the Scottish Government, when businesses have told them loud and clear this is essential when launching new initiatives.

“Coming hot on the heels of the shambolic Deposit Return Scheme, businesses already have little faith in Scottish Government delivering on new schemes.

“It’s important to recognise that many coffee shops, recognising the merits of reducing the use of disposable cups, already offer discounts and rewards for those that bring their own reusable cups.”